Analysis of Factors Affecting Scholars’ Disinterest in Entrepreneurship

Yuliaty, Erma and Mundari, Siti and Hadijono, Sri and Trihastuti, Adiati Analysis of Factors Affecting Scholars’ Disinterest in Entrepreneurship. In: The 3rd International Conference on Business and Banking Innovations, 6 & 7 March 2021, Surabaya.

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In Indonesia every year 300,000 new graduates graduate. The world of work absorbs around 37% of these graduates, therefore intellectual unemployment occurs. The Central Bureau of Statistics in 2018 recorded that there were 630,000 undergraduate unemployment or 8% of the total undergraduate students, which totaled 8 million people. In fact, this figure increased by 1.13% compared to 2017. The government responds to this by requiring universities to teach entrepreneurship. The hope is that there will be reliable, knowledgeable entrepreneurs. In applying this policy, various motivational efforts have been made, namely students are required to make products, real practice of selling products, hold bazaars and exhibitions as a vehicle to introduce and sell products, be given capital and various competitions. But in reality, after they graduate very few continue the business. This study took a sample of 100 graduates who had just graduated and were looking for work and did not want to become entrepreneurs. It was revealed 26 factors were then tested for validity, but only 13 valid factors remained. The results of the data processing carried out found 4 factors related to feeling no talent, feeling no offspring, fear of bankruptcy and feeling inadequate. Keywords: Undergraduate, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Unemployment

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